Private Coaching Sessions

Local & Long Distance

Your personal life coach will work with you to support your emotional well-being while establishing and executing a personal action plan.

Xiomara meets locally in the Orlando, Florida, area or conveniently by Skype™ from anywhere in the world with flexible scheduling for active people just like you.

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"In spite of the distance Xiomara has made the sessions comfortable and professional, ensuring a gentle, satisfying process for me. Sessions through Skype™ have helped me accommodate my coaching assistance in the comfort of my own home."

Alicia C.
Dominican Republic

"Xiomara has been great in helping me to work on my weaknesses. I have been fortunate to have someone who can give me the support I need with the flexibility to adjust our schedules regardless of time or location."

John M.

Through life coaching sessions we'll work together to find answers to your internal questions as you become more connected with yourself. You will improve your self-confidence, driving to achieve your goals with accountability and support from your coach.

These sessions will help you feel better about yourself and build your inner drive. You will effectively reduce stress while improving your overall life-performance. You will learn to achieve more in life, excel in your efforts and succeed in everything you do.

Xiomara Mayo Ingram M.Ed. C.P.L.C.