Coaching Workshops

Motivational - Supportive - Enriching

Find answers to your internal questions as you become more connected with yourself. Gain self-confidence to achieve your goals and define an action plan moving towards a successful future.

We have several workshops to choose from or we can help you to create a custom event designed specifically for your group or organization.

Power Session

In this short session, participants discover key issues that considerably decrease their energy and performance levels while boosting self-confidence. It's a great inner call to become a better person and more efficient in everything they do.

* Motivational, precise and results oriented
* Great boost to individual moral, validation and appreciation
* Participants feel motivated to do more and improve their performance

2 hours - $800.00 up to 25 participants - *Additional $5.00 per person after 25 attendees

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Hands-On Session

The Hands-On session invites participants to get involved in the various dynamics used to illustrate situations and emotions faced on a daily basis. As the session develops, attendees benefit from the specific recommendations laid out in the Actions Samples.

Individuals can feel their motivation kick in as they are empowered with specific skills and resources to use on both their personal and professional performances. This session has a direct positive impact on how they feel about themselves while promoting a noticeable increase in productivity.

* Based on participation, integrating dynamics & illustrations, motivational
* Outlining specific recommendations through the Actions Samples
* Participants feel motivated and aware of specific personal skills and resources
* Implementation of actions with direct positive impact on their self-image and working environment

4 hours - $1,450.00 up to 25 participants - *Additional $5.00 per person after 25 attendees

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Turning Point Session

Attendees will be assisted with developing an action plan designed to improve their personal and social well-being, becoming more aware and better equipped to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Consequently, as participants feel better about themselves, they become more cooperative and productive, maintaining a positive attitude and enjoying a balanced life.

This powerful session promises to be a Turning Point for all participants as they sharpen their personal awareness, becoming better and happier individuals.

* Develop individual outline for personal Action Plan
* Key issues illustrated through group dynamics
* Discovering personal motivation
* Interactive group participation
* Specific recommendations
* Best practices outline for coping with emotional distress
* Establishing accountability measures
* Maintain personal follow-up checklist

8 hours - $1,990.00 up to 25 participants - *Additional $5.00 per person after 25 attendees

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Custom Session

Interested in a session that meets your specific needs? We can help you customize your group coaching workshop. We also offer keynote topical presentations for groups and organizations of all kinds.

* Motivational integrating dynamics
* Actions Samples w/ specific recommendations
* Emotional tools & resources
* Implementation of actions
* Direct positive impact on self-image and working environment

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Upcoming Events

Couples Retreat Weekend

Date: February 13th & 14th, 2016

Location: Orlando, Florida

Empowering couples to enrich their relationship and build success in their marriage.

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